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Medical intervention programme

October 19, 2019

Window of Life is proud to announce that we have formalized and expanded our medical intervention programme. In Uganda, high quality medical interventions are available; the non-profit CURE hospital in Mbale, for example, is Africa’s leading hospital for neurosurgical interventions like hydrocephalus (water head), spinal bifida and brain tumours. The challenge people face is therefore not the availability, but the access to these services. That’s where we want to step in!

Through our new cooperation with the Masindi General Hospital, we are brought in touch with kids and their families who are in need of specialized care but cannot afford this. We support the families to find a hospital where their needs can be addressed, and take care of the practicalities: we provide transport for the child and caregiver and make sure they get admitted and a treatment plan is made known to them in a language they understand. We also take care of medical bills and upkeep during the sometimes lengthy hospital stays, and ensure the kids can go for necessary check-ups and rehabilitation visits afterwards. In the first month alone, we have successfully assisted three boys, aged 3 weeks to 1 year, to receive urgent life-saving surgery for hydrocephalus. We hope for their speedy recovery!

Yet, this is just the beginning! We intend to formalize our cooperation with Masindi General Hospital and assist many more children waiting, or hoping, for a (brighter) future. We also want to expand from facilitating life-saving interventions to life-improving interventions. Children suffering from clubfoot or cleft lip, but also those with mental disabilities deserve a chance to get professional help. 

Window of Life strives to assist vulnerable children in Masindi District. We think that this medical intervention programme, in addition to our Babies Home, does exactly that. Yet, we need your support! Even if some surgeries are free or subsidized by other organisations, transport, upkeep and other medical bills have their price-tag. If we decide to help more kids, we also might need to add a nurse to our staff to coordinate the referrals and keep an eye on the quality. Every Euro, Shilling, Zloty or Dollar brings one child closer to a medical intervention he or she requires. Thank you in advance!!

For any questions on the medical programme please email Marta at If you would like to support this initiative financially please get in touch with Magda at