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We are still looking for a physiotherapist for Gladys

August 24, 2019

We are currently looking for a physiotherapist to support our Gladys
in her rehabilitation progress.

In October 2014, Gladys (13 yrs) suffered a
spinal injury whilst playing sports in school. Due to lack of funds and
expertise, she spent 6 months at home, not able to move her arms or legs,
enduring great pain. Due to a course of faith, we met Gladys and her family and
decided to fight her disability together.

By then, weighing only 15 kg and in a state
of constant pain, we knew the road back to school would be hard and long. 

On top of the spinal injury and
malnutrition, Gladys developed osteomyelitis, mainly affecting her hip bones.
In June and August 2015 she received two courses of surgery to fix her spine
and remove the affected bone tissue from her hips. The spinal surgery had its
immediate effect, allowing Gladys to move her arms only hours after surgery

Gladys was finally discharged and, under
quarterly review from a physiotherapist, sent back home to learn to walk again.
This month, May 2016, we decided to support Gladys to go back to school again!
She is currently walking with crutches, and getting stronger by the day.

However, as parts of her hip bones have
been removed, she needs a proper assessment, frequent monitoring and
professional advice to support her in her way to full self-independence. That,
my dear volunteer physiotherapist, is where you come in!!!

We offer you to stay in our babies’ home in
Masindi, enjoying the life and laughter with our 20 children, 5 caretakers and
2 dogs, whilst you work on a daily bases with Gladys on her recovery.

Interested??? Please contact us on