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Window of Life Babies Home in Uganda


There are more than 20 children living in the Babies Home, all ages represented. As we like to say “We might be a small project, but we are a BIG FAMILY!”
Apart from our children there are also others living and/or working in the house: Maria - the founder and director of the organization, Sunny, Hope, Goretti and Ewas – the caretakers (called the Aunties). Then there are our security guards who come every night to keep the house safe. Last but not least, our two dogs, a calf, plenty of chicken, occasional goats etc.
The best way to get to know our children is to visit us in Masindi and spend some time with us! Since this is not an option for everybody, please enjoy the few impressions from our day-to-day life in the gallery below.
In order to protect the rights and identity of our children we restrain from giving their personal details on this webpage. We hope to find your understanding for it!