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Our mission

Our mission: To provide abandoned and orphaned children from Masindi district in Uganda with the best care in a loving and respectful home; to provide them with education and vocational training and impart life skills which will allow them to take responsibility for their own lives and those of under their future responsibility; to return happy and supporting childhood to the most vulnerable children who have lost their parents to either disease or social disorder.

Window of Life Babies Home rescues the most vulnerable children within Masindi community and gives them a new life. At home we teach them love, respect and responsibilities. By sending them to school we provide the basic education and knowledge. Our kids are still very young but we do our best to help them to learn skills and teach them how they can live an independent life ( help themselves??) in the future. There is a long way ahead us, but together with our caretakers, volunteers, donors and all the friends around the world, we will continue to grow!
We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our activities, here in the in Uganda, but also in Poland, Germany and Australia.