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Home education thanks to students from Akademia Żaków in Bielsko-Biała!

July 15, 2024
The coronavirus situation in Uganda is not clear-cut. You do not hear about the increasing number of cases, however public life has been frozen for months. The latest reports indicate that schools will remain closed until at least the end of December.
The younger children, under the careful supervision of their aunts, do homework sent in by the school and do the educational program of the current year. They discipline themselves, but due to the difficulty of the homework sent to them, it is very difficult for them to go through all the topics without the help of a teacher.
Children and youth of the Private Primary School "Akademia Żaków" in Bielsko-Biała came to help our children and their education. During several inspiring events, students gathered over 10,000PLN, which were used to employ a home teacher for children in our orphanage.
Dear Akademia Żaków - we thank you for your presence in the lives of our children and wish you strength and health!