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Playground for our children

May 25, 2019

 In the last few weeks Reshtki was involved in the 'Let's swing' project which aimed at creating an action playground for our children in Masindi. 

Reshtki was born from their dedication and passion for materials that can be re-used and brought back to life again. The Group's purpose is to follow a 3R rule: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Their area of interest is focused around ecology, functionality, social needs, but most importantly quality and safety.

The action playground is almost entirely made of car tyres therefore fully recyclable. The works started on the 2nd March and finished on the 19th of March. Such a quick turnaround would not be possible without the great  help from volunteers and our aunties. Their involvement went beyond any expectations and when the resources ran low they showed resilience to allow the 'Lets swing' initiative to be completed without delay.

The main sponsor of the project was Soroptimist International Gdansk, but the funds also came from private contributions. We are extremely grateful to you all. Thank you!

The action playground is made of colourful tyres that resemble cheetahs or elephants. The colourful attractions not only are a source of endless fun, but also serve an educational purpose as children learn about different colours and animals. There is nothing like having fun and swinging around after a hard and long day at school.

Special thanks to the very dedicated and passionate Sara Podwysocka who project managed our initiative in Masindi.

'Let's swing' has been a beautiful initiative that is already positively impacting the life of our children making their world brighter and more colourful. 

Thank you!!!