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Marta (Jan. - Feb. 2017)

At the beginning of 2017 I spent a month at Window of Life in Uganda. Spontaneously I decided to go there as a volunteer inspired by my friend Hania, who told me about her plans of going to Masindi. It's an experience that will stay in my heart forever. Even if you have no experience of working with children [like me] there is always something to do in the house. All you need to do is take the initiative, share your ideas and be willing to help Maria and the aunties. Enthusiasm with which the children welcome every volunteer is undescribable. I'll never forget the tears that came to my eyes after seeing

Mesarch going bravely by himself in the middle of the church to dance to Roger's songs. The smile of this little boy awoke in me emotions I didn't know before. I also enjoyed the photography workshop I prepared for the older kids. I hope Denis will never lose his sensitivity and will be able to use his artistic skills in the future. I admire the strength of Maria and all the aunties that everyday fulfil all the home duties and amazingly take care of all the children.

The fact that I dreamt about Promise, a short videocall and seeing all the kids again after coming back to Poland made me cry is a sign that I should think of planning my next trip to Uganda. I hope I'll be able to visit Masindi every now and then and see how the children grow

Magdalena SÅ‚oma April 2023

Marta summer 2020

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Marta (Jan. - Feb. 2017)

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